Diving Work

On the 13th March 2018 Dentex Charters was asked to assist in diving operations carried out on the Kings Ferry Bridge. Allowing divers to enter the water and carry out a survey on all spans. Then to allow swimmers to enter the water to carry out photos and depth survey in between spans while manoeuvring the Dentex in shallow water (photos below).

diving 1adiving 2a

diving 3adiving 4a

diving 5adiving 6a

diving 7adiving 8a


Dentex ll has just completed a diving job working nights through February 2016. This is a first for us and hope to do many more as Dentex ll was perfect for the job.

With a Dive Ladder and easy access on and of the stern of the boat and with plenty of deck space it made the whole job go well without any problems.

The work was to conduct an underwater survey at low tide of the Rochester Bridge, over the river Medway. So, with the water being shallow we had to keep Dentex ll away from any underwater structures and everything went according to plan.